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Quality Crossfit Shorts for Men and Women

Quality Crossfit Shorts

Finding the right CrossFit shorts can be pretty tough. There are all sorts of options out there to choose from and each of those options you find will have their own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a look at five of the more popular options for CrossFit shorts and see how well they rank up to one another.


1- Blank WOD Shorts

Blank WOD Shorts

The first option available are the Blank WOD Shorts made by EPIC MMA GEAR, who have tons of experience manufacturing fitness clothing and know just what athletes need when it comes to their shorts. These shorts have a very minimalistic black design, but there are some color options for trim. Pure black is a popular choice, but they also have black with blue trim, camo trim, grey trim, red, trim, white trim, and yellow trim. The shorts are very rugged and come with triple stitching along with double Velcro closures and a drawstring. They also have a 4 way stretch body to give you the right amount of maneuverability without sacrificing durability.

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2- WOD Shorts Agility 2.0

WOD Shorts Agility 2.0 Another option from EPIC MMA GEAR is the WOD Shorts Agility 2.0. These come with a similar minimalistic design, but there are much brighter color options. Choose from blue, camo, gray, or red strips that will stripe up the side and around the back. Aside from a black base, you’ll also have blue with white stripes or red with white strips to choose from. These are also triple stitched and have double Velcro enclosures with a draw string to give them that EPIC MMA GEAR quality. With that in mind, they’re surprisingly stretchy and will give wearers a wide range of motion when needed.

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3- Soffe XT-46 Men’s MMA Short

Soffe XT-46 Men’s MMA Short

The Soffe XT-46 Me’s MMA Shorts come in a variety of color-pairs with a base color and stripes around the waist and down the legs. It’s made from 100% polyester and is machine washable in cold water with similar colors. It has a front Velcro closure that’ll keep the shorts secure and a spandex inseam panel that’ll give wearers the right amount of flexibility for their CrossFit excercises. Aside from that, it has an inside key pocket which makes it a great choice to use when at the gym. Overall, it has a very simple and minimalistic design with a small reflective logo on the leg.

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 4- WOD Shorts Wod Warrior 2.0

WOD Shorts Wod Warrior 2.0

The WOD Warrior 2.0 WOD Shorts are ideal shorts for CrossFit trainers. These shorts are made with 4-way stretching fabric to give wearers a full range of motion. In addition to that, the fabric has moisture vicking properties that’ll keep the wearer dry if they’re training in wet environments. They’re designed with CrossFit in mind and come with durable triple stitching to allow the shorts to take quite the beating without ripping or tearing. In addition to that, the shorts are very intimidating, as they come with a black base, camo trim around the waist, as well as the skull-emblazoned WOD warrior logo and several grenades fashioned on the front legs.

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5- Krav Maga Shorts, Bad Things

Krav Maga Shorts, Bad Things

Krav Maga Shorts, Bad Things are another option from EPIC MMA GEAR and come with a full flex panel and side slits to give wearers a wide range of motion. They’re engineered to endure the most strenuous of environments and will take a beating for years to come. The shorts are completely black and come with a side graphic that says “KRAV MAGA – We Do Bad Things To Bad People.” They’re a great option for anyone interested in CrossFit or really any type of physical sport/exercise and come in a wide range of sizes.

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Overall, a good pair of CrossFit shorts need to be built very tough without sacrificing range of movement. Finding fabric that’s both pliable and won’t bust can be pretty difficult, but with some of the above triple-stitched options, you ought to be able to find a pair that’ll both give easily but resist tearing while offering a good overall design.