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Top 3 Crossfit Gloves to Prevent Blisters

Protect Your Hands from Painfull Blisters

Wearing the right gloves when you take part in crossfit training is the best way to prevent painful blisters and dangerous slips. Much of crossfit training involves heavy lifting and bare hands on slippery metal are a recipe for disaster. As important as these gloves are, picking the right ones is even more important.

When choosing the gloves to protect your hands during crossfit, the first thing to check is the way the glove is made. The materials should be tough and yet provide enough give and good absorption to allow your hands to breathe. The stitching needs to hold up to strenuous use and good non-slip grip materials on the palm side of the glove is a must.

When selecting your gloves, start with the best and make the choices that fit into your workout style and asthetics. Here are the top three crossfit gloves and an overview of the features that make them top of the line in extreme sports training protection.

1- RTG Gloves / Elite Series

Performance Gloves - RTG Gloves / Elite Series These strong gloves provide a comfortable, natural grip that gives you lots of flexibility while offering thick, material that will prevent blisters and cuts. The 4 way, fully flexible fabric is designed with an ergonomic function and anti-vibration technology to protect delicate bones and nerves, and help prevent fatigue during multiple repetitions.

The RTG Elite Series crossfit gloves offer superb ventilation to wick away sweat and keep hands dry and comfortable during even the most arduous session. They come in several sizes from extra-large to extra small, and are secured with Velcro to easily fit hands of all sizes. The RTG Elite Series comes in nine bright colors and are sensibly priced to make them affordable on any budget. These gloves are a great choice for any athlete from beginner to pro and anywhere in between.

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2- RTG Gloves / Half Fingers

The cut out fingers of the RTG Half Fingers Gloves offers a greater degree of dexterity and sensation when tactile ability is required. These attractive and durable crossfit gloves have all of the fantastic features RTG Glove aficionados expect from the brand including powerful anti-slip grip material, a pliable and comfortable synthetic leather fiber composition that is breathable and provides a patented 4 way flex and ergonomic design.RTG Gloves / Half Fingers

These beautiful gloves come in many sizes for great fit and are secured by strong Velcro so they remain snug even during a long, sweaty workout. The half fingers provide even more ventilation to cut down sweating, while still protecting your sensitive skin from blisters and cuts. These gloves are fantastic for everything from pull-ups to dramatic sledgehammers and blobs. They are designed for athletes of all levels of experience and long-lasting endurance.

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3- Rogues Mechanix Vented Gloves

Rogues Mechanix Vented Gloves

These very economical cross fit gloves have plenty of attractive features. They provide a high level of comfort while protecting your hands from painful blisters. The Rogues Mechanix Vented Gloves are made from soft leather that is comfortable and soothing, but tough enough to withstand any workout session. The soft flexibility make them great for gymnasts while the strong leather construction is able to handle even the toughest weight lifting session. A large “R” for Rogue symbol on the palm gives these gloves a good non-stick surface that lets you grip metal bars without compromising your hold.

A mesh style material on the top of the glove provides the ventilation for which the glove is named and lets your skin breathe for comfort no matter how long the session lasts. These gloves secure at the wrist with Velcro and are form-fitting. They even work with touch screens so you can log your workout sessions into your smart phone without taking off the gloves during your workout. The stitching holds up to months of heavy work, and each pair comes with a generous 90-day warranty to cover any problems.

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